Some stories are only good the first few times you hear them. But there are some stories, that no matter how many times you hear it, they never get old. The gospel is the sweetest story that is being retold every day in our broken world. 

The story for individuals always starts the same way. We were all motivated by something. Something was at the center of how we saw ourselves. Why we were here. And what value we have. 

Unfortunately, whatever was at the center of our identity would ultimately crush us. We could never live up to it. Our value was fragile from day to day.

But then, someone stepped in and changed everything. Our whole lives were turned upside down. Our identity was redefined.

Alive Summer 2021: Redefined

This summer we are going to celebrate the Gospel that redefines everything! The gospel sets us free. But it doesn't stop there, it also gives us a new purpose, a new life. 

Everyone in Jesus has this story. We were once dead in our sin but now we are alive in Christ! This is the story we want to celebrate all summer long.

I can think of two ways to make this happen. First, celebrations are filled with fun. So we will make memories throughout the summer by enjoying our Summer events. You can see each event at the end of this post with links to the calendar events. We hope that your teens can join us as we have fun together.

Second, we will retell this beautiful story time and time again. In Alive, throughout the summer, we will hear testimonies from teens and adults. There will be different details but over and over again we will hear a beautiful story of a king who laid down his life for sinners like us.

All of this will build towards the main event of our Summer, Redefined Camp. This year, Alive Summer camp will be held here at the church building during the day time. From Tuesday through Friday (July 27th -30th) we will play olympic style games, worship in song, sit around campfires, and hear the words of Jesus. It's our hope and prayer that this year at camp, teens will be encountered by the living God and find that their entire lives are now transformed. That they have been redefined by God's love. 

Parents, can I ask you to do a few things? First, please be praying for your teen and the other teens in Alive. Pray that they see Jesus more clearly and that vision of Jesus changes everything. Second, consider getting your teen involved with our Summer events. On paper it can just look like money being spent on some activities. But we want these events to be memories that your teens carry with them for years to come.

Lastly, and most importantly, please consider registering your teen for Redefined camp. As He has done year after year, we truly believe God is going to meet us during this intentional time. We want every teen in Alive to be there.

Registration is now open! Here are the details you need to know.

Where: Metro Life Church Tuesday-Thursday and Universal Islands of Adventure on Friday

When: July 27th-30th

Cost: $220 per early registration. We have extended early registration till July 1st. Cost will increase on July 1st to $270. 



Summer Calendar

Alive Summer Schedule

Highlighted Event

July 27th through 30th- Alive Summer Camp 2021: REDEFINED


5th- Beach Day

18th- Family Fun Town


1st- Early Camp Registration Closed (Price Increase to $270)

2nd- Planet Obstacle

12th- Camp Registration Closed

20th- Top Golf


1st- Disney Springs Blu GNU

11th- Back to School Bash