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The latest on 'Life at Metro'

The latest on 'Life at Metro'

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Being Light in the Darkness


I was shopping at Publix the other week just when the pandemic began to noticeably effect our lives here in Central Florida. I was just gathering normal groceries such as lunch meat, cereal, produce, etc. Browsing around the store, it was clear that people were reacting to the news. Bread aisle: empty. Bottled water: a few of the smaller packs left. Paper products: toilet ...

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Faith And Financial Preparedness


Pandemic Crises, Faith andFinancial Preparedness Real Life. I am a local dental hygienist who serves in the Central Florida area. Life was "normal" and "predictable" for me and my family. Like many others, we had goals set and were accomplishing them. But now due to the current COVID-19 event, most if not all dental hygienists are being placed on furlough until further n...

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To Love and To Cherish


Most of us included this line in our marriage vows. And if you are like us, you have probably assumed love and cherish are the same. This is not true. Gary Thomas in his book, Cherish, expounds on this in great detail. We encourage you to read it together as a couple if you haven't yet. Today, as we are all spending much more time together as couples, we want to give you...

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How to Care for Your Children During Times of Uncertainty


Parents, let's pause for a moment and have a real-life chat. If you have mini-humans in your home chances are you have had conversations about topics you never thought you would find yourself in the middle of. If you have little ones, they may ask, "why?" a million times a day. Our children look to us for guidance and to help inform them of their surroundings. As they gro...

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Voices From the Church During the Crisis: A Doctor's Perspective


Metro Family, Greetings. I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. As a brother in our body, I want to take the opportunity to provide you with some medical information and words of encouragement. I hope to be brief and anointed brief I can doanointed, well, you judge. In Dec/Jan, the world became aware of the viral infection we now know as COVID-19. There are ...

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Equipped to Respond

Our Churchs Response To Covid 19 Red Shapes

It can be easy to say "be on mission" or "love your neighbor" at times like this, scripture tells us to be ready to give a "defense for our faith" (I Peter 3:15), but where might we even consider staring? Here are some practical ways you can be equipped to respond when most helpful, it's a "round-up of resources" so to speak. Let's begin with Prayer......

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COVID-19 our next steps - caring for our community

Our Churchs Response To Covid 19 Red Shapes-Featured

One thing has become clear, we are running low on adjectives to describe what is happening around us. I sense the groanings of creation all the more and my own personal desire for our Savior to Lord over the earth in all His perfection because: “He who promised is faithful”. ...

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COVID-19 - navigating our response to a growing national concern.


Last week we posted some increased safety measures that we should all consider in times of illness around our facility. However, it seems that it is time for some follow up to that for us as a local church....

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Spiritual Gifts at Metro Life Church

Holy Spirit

Our aim here is to provide clarity to the definition and expression of the Gifts of the Spirit at Metro Life Church. This will help both in right belief, teaching and practice of the gifts in all expressions throughout the church....

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MLC Events for March 2020


Don't just see what's happening in the church, discover ways to be equipped and use your gifts through the church - there's even simple links to sign up right here for you!...

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