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2018 Alive Summer Calendar

Summer Calendar 2018 Final

Before I say anything, I want to thank you. As Chris transitioned out of his role of leading Alive last year, your teens gave me a trust that I hadn’t earned yet. They leaned in and gave me the benefit of the doubt. I know this is a reflection of the trust you as parents have given me. I have enjoyed overwhelming support as a leader of this youth ministry and I don’t take that for granted. Thank you for trusting, encouraging, and supporting me. I appreciate every one of you.

As always, please feel the freedom to reach out to me at any time with comments, encouragement, and questions (

Summer Plans

As the Summer is fast approaching, we have been hard at work planning a fun packed schedule for your teens. This means there will be lots of opportunity for laughter, smiles and memories. It also means there will be a lot of opportunity for fellowship.

I’m very excited about the series we are currently working through in Alive called True Community (based on Jerry Bridges book). Through this series the teens are seeing that Alive isn’t primarily a youth group, It’s a part of the church. Which means that every passage in scripture on how to live out community is also for them.

We are learning how to build one another up, share with those who are in need, serve one another, pray for each other, and together exalt Jesus in praise, words, actions and life! It’s exciting to see! As the teens learn and grow in pursuing fellowship, each event on the schedule becomes more than just a fun time. It becomes another opportunity for the church to build itself up.

I hope when you look at the Summer Calendar you see opportunity. There is opportunity for making lifetime memories. Opportunity for new friendships to form. And most importantly, opportunity for Jesus to be exalted in every one of the teens lives.

I know that there are scheduling and financial obligations that can limit your teens involvement this summer. So please let me ask that you prioritize this years Together Camp. This camp is the culmination of our True Community series. The entire camp schedule is designed to create opportunities for the teens to apply all that we are learning.

The cost of camp will increase as we get closer to the event. Please consider registering now!

Without further ado, here is our 2018 Alive Summer Calendar!








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