Alive Update: 16 Verses Series ~ Creation

As a follow up to our post earlier this week on our new serues: 16 Verses, we wanted to let you know how our discussion on the topic of creation went.  We've included Key Themes and The Story so far so you can keep up with where we're at.  We've also provided some of the questions from our discussion groups to aide your discussions at home.

Theme: Creation

Verse: Gen 1:31 “And behold, it was very good.”

Key Biblical Theological Themes: Creation, Kingdom.

The Story So Far: God Created A Kingdom, and He is the King.

For Discussion

1) “Our view of the world begins with our view of God”.1 How do you tend to see God? What two or three words would you use to describe him?

2) Does your view of God differ from the description we discussed tonight? If so, why do you think this is the case? What outside influences affect your view of God?

3) Do you tend to think of God’s creation as “very good”? Why or why not?

4) Why do some people (both Christians and non-Christians) tend to think of spiritual as good and physical as bad? What are some possible implications of this type of thinking on our priorities and behavior?

Psalm 104 How does this psalm help you to understand the biblical-theological themes from chapter 1 and the big story of the Bible, which culminates with Jesus?

Genesis 1:1–2:3 What are some key insights from this passage that add to your understanding of the story and the biblical theological themes?