Alive Update: Our next Elements Study on The Holy Spirit

We can know the God. Pretty amazing, right? But there are aspects of God that are just too awesome to fully comprehend. For many of your students, the Holy Spirit is one of those aspects. While it might stretch our minds, we understand that God is One, but that He exists in three Persons. We’re about to be digging WAY in to an awesome study f the “third person” of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

We will soon begin a new study called “elements| Holy Spirit” that I pray will make a big impact on your teenager’s understanding of the Holy Spirit and the impact having Him in us and with us each day makes on his or her lives. Over the course of this study, your teenager will understand who the Holy Spirit is and what His presence in his or her life signifies, the role Jesus played in ushering in a new way of relating to the Holy Spirit, and what exactly the Bible means by the “fruit of the Spirit.” More importantly, it will help your teenager see how this impacts his or her lives.

You’ll be receiving follow-up reminders from me as we teach each of these topics. I’ll provide you with an overview of what we studied, as well as some follow-up questions you and your teenager might use to continue this important conversation.

Below you’ll see some tips on what you can be doing to help your teenager better understand the concept of the Holy Spirit and why it’s so vital to our faith.

  • Pray for your teenager each week, and for the others in our Bible study.
  • Watch for follow-up letters and engage your teenager in conversations about what he or she is learning.
  • Look for ways to improve the communication between you and your teenager, especially as it pertains to spiritual matters.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your teenager’s spiritual growth. And thank you for the investments you make in his or her life each day. Please continue to pray for our ministry. You can be assured that I’m praying for you!