Alive Update: Re:NEW 2015 Conference

Anyone who’s studied military history knows that when a commander sounds retreat, it’s not always because the battle is lost. Often it’s a strategic move designed to bolster the troops, provide rest to weary soldiers, gather needed supplies, and refocus. Re:NEW 2015 is designed to provide this and more for the ALIVE youth.

9967-women group praying_edited

In the past, we’ve taken 2-3 days along with other churches to get away and concentrate on spiritual growth and form strong relationships. These retreats have been amazing with much fruit, but the students get very little one to one investment from the leaders because of the large number of teens. This year, the heart of the leaders is to pull back from a larger regional event and to invest in the youth of Metro Life Church. Since it will be hosted here at Metro Life, we can keep costs down and spend a full week together exploring the ways God calls us to serve Him with all heart, mind, soul and strength.

Take a look at the planned topics:

• RENEW Your Heart: Romans 6:15-18 What is our motivation for serving? Doing the right thing for the wrong reason can be harmful. It all starts with the heart!

• RENEW Your Mind: Ephesians 4:17-24 It’s easy to say one think while thinking another and fool those around us, but God knows our thoughts. Loving Him with our minds goes beyond a feeling or an attitude—it involves focus, creativity, imagination and commitment to truth.

• RENEW Your Strength: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 Our strength is all of our efforts and actions. How can we love God not only when we’re good at something, but also when things are hard for us or seem beyond out ability?

• RENEW Your Soul: Mark 8:34-37 We’ll take a look at what in means to be all in and love God with all of our lives, to focus on the eternal and avoid the distractions and pitfalls of temporary treasures.


Re:NEW 2015 will be part youth retreat and part missions trip, but we’ve planned some amazing events. Can’t you hear that bugle sounding retreat? Don’t miss it!

Please make plans to be a part! Click here to get all the information and register!