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Alive Update: Summer Snapshot



Over the last four weeks, we’ve been sharing with you the exciting changes for the ALIVE Youth Ministry slated to begin June 2015. Since our main goals are to provide more time for the teens to engage with the truth of God’s word, enjoy fellowship and fun with each other, and have opportunities to reach out to the community around them with the love of Christ; we want you to know that we’ve not just been heading blindly into this new weekly schedule. Chris and the D-Group Leaders have been busy planning for the expanded time, and we want to make sure each family is aware of all the amazing events planned for this summer and the topics we’ll be covering in our meetings.


• Come join us as we explore DEATH VALLEY, a three week series taken from Psalm 23, with emphasis on the words LORD, MY, and SHEPHERD. Bring your water bottles and brave the shadows to learn more about how God takes care of his children.

• We’ll also enjoy a beach day and Go Karts.

• Take a tour of Ninevah in the series JONAH AND THE CITY and learn with Jonah the responsibility each Christian has to share his faith.



• A family picnic, movie night and RENEW retreat willmake July a month you won’t want to miss!



• Instead of the usual dread, head back to school with eagerness to serve, witness, and love as we explore the series SUMMER’S OVER.

• A trip to Rock Springs is a must to battle the heat of July, plus parents can enjoy a time of equipping as we host a parenting seminar just in time to kick off the school year.

We also have nights set aside for worship and ministry! You can find all of these events on the Metro Life Church calendar, so come join the fun and bring on summer!

Alive Summer Calendar[1]


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