Alive Update: The Roles of the Holy Spirit

Alive 70s Night
The Holy Spirit helps us know Christ, grow in Christ, and tell everyone we can about Christ.

Hello! We just finished up the second part of our study on the Holy Spirit (as well as celebrating our 70's Theme night), and I wanted to send you a quick update to let you know what we talked about. In addition, I hope that you’ll use this information to have a couple of conversations with your teenager this week about the Holy Spirit.

This week’s lesson was entitled “The Roles of the Spirit.” Its purpose was to help our students understand, on a practical level, how the Holy Spirit works in their lives.

In God’s awesome plan, only after Jesus’ purpose on this earth was fulfilled would the Holy Spirit permanently come to live in all Believers.

We took look at how Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit’s new role in the lives of all those who would come to a saving faith in Christ. Jesus gave a ton of insight into this new way of interacting with the Spirit, a new relationship that would empower and enlighten all of God’s children from Pentecost until now.

By looking at Jesus’ words regarding the Spirit, we were challenged to see their interactions with the Holy Spirit in a new light.


We looked at the following Scripture passages:

• John 14:25-26
• John 16:5-13

 Please take a few minutes this week to read these passages to get an idea of what we covered.


Next Steps . . .

As you have time to talk with your teenager this week, use the following questions to guide your conversation: • You talked about some of the “roles” or practical ways that the Holy Spirit works in our lives. What were some that stuck out to you? Why?
• Have you seen God working in some way this week as you’ve been praying?
• Can you ever think of a time when you really felt the Holy Spirit’s presence? What did it feel like? (Be prepared to share your own story of a time when you really seemed to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Share how it made you feel.)
• How are some ways you could be more bold in your faith knowing that the Holy Spirit is with you? Could our family be a little more daring in the way we express our faith?

Thanks for the role you play in the life of your teenager and in our church. If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to call me.