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Boldness - How's It Going?

We have been hearing a lot in these early chapters of Acts about the boldness of the early church. So far we have seen it primarily through the Apostles, but as the weeks go on we will read of the boldness of all sorts of people, every day people like you and me. They were not frozen in fear. Peter, who once denied his faith, is now a man filled with the Holy Spirit who boldly proclaims wherever he goes and to whomever is before him. God is eager to make us a community of believers filled with boldness.

I had the opportunity to speak with a few people this week about our upcoming Easter weekend. I took some ‘invites’ with me and I asked them if they would be interested in coming by. I’ve spoken with them a few times before and so we have been building on each conversation. They expressed an interest in coming. I don’t know if they will or not, but here is what I am learning as I seek to experience in my own life the kind of power the early church had to boldly proclaim Christ the Lord. The more I am asking God to fill me with boldness to proclaim, to reach out, and to take interest in the lives of strangers, the more I am finding opportunities and the boldness to do so! I know, profound. God says if we ask, He will fill us. And when we ask He keeps His word!

So how is it going with you? Have you had any opportunities that have encouraged your faith? Have you been able to personally invite anyone to church, into your home or maybe to grab a cup of coffee together? Let’s believe and ASK together for the Lord to fill us with boldness; so much so that we have more and more stories of how God has used us to tell others of His love. Let’s pray together...

“Lord Jesus, you have promised that we would be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that we may know the love of God, that we may have power for a holy, set apart life, and that we would have boldness to proclaim your love. Fill us today, we pray, and open our eyes to the harvest all around us. Do this for your glory and the furtherance of your Name, we pray. Amen.”


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