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Come, Holy Spirit! We Expect You In This Place!

So I've been thinking about the times of worship at the Enduring Love Marriage Retreat, and then during our Sunday morning service. I could be wrong in my impression, but in both places there seemed to be a more tangible awareness of the presence of God. Objectively, we know that when two or three are gathered in His name, He is in our midst. But that isn't what I'm talking about. What I mean is that experientially, we seemed to be encountering the LORD and His presence in a different way. If so, why? Was it the improved sound system at the retreat? Was it Chris' leading, or Mike Gilland's at the retreat, or was it Jonathan's leading (all different kinds of worship leaders!) on Sunday morning? Was it the song selection? Was it a particular prophetic word or, like Sunday morning, tongues with interpretation? Perhaps some or all of those play a part, but ultimately here is what I think coming out of this weekend; we came to a marriage retreat, and many came Sunday morning with faith and expectancy. We came with a hunger and a thirst, and our gracious Heavenly Father is oh so eager to meet His children and bless them when they gather like that. Do we not know, as we heard at the retreat, that the eyes of the LORD move to and fro, seeking to strongly support those who are seeking him?

So now I'm thinking about today and next week. How will we come? What will we expect? My prayer for us all is that we are filled with expectancy that the LORD will draw near, and we will be changed! Why should a beer advertisement lay claim to staying thirsty? I say we claim it for ourselves and our relationship with the Holy Spirit! Metro, let's get thirsty. More thirsty. Let's stay thirsty…for the presence and power of God! As you go to the Alive youth meeting, meet with a friend, or gather this Sunday, lets be a people who arrive expectantly. We want fire from heaven to fall, because we need it. We should expect it, because God will give it. So Holy Spirit, we expect You in our place!