COVID-19 and our days ahead


Since the beginning of our nation dealing with COVID-19 we’ve sought to work with our community health leaders, medical professionals as well as legal counsel as we seek to best serve our congregation.  We are grateful for their care and counsel.  We regularly touch base with these organizations and individuals to ensure that we are best serving you, our church members.

Recently we began reviewing our overall communications related to our current response to COVID-19 and determined that we are moving forward with the following updates:

  • Masks are required to enter and move about our facility during our gatherings.
  • Masks are not required once you’ve made your way to your seat (during song-service and sermon), given that we are still encouraging physical distancing (including through the setup of our auditorium)
  • While we continue to promote physical distancing, hand-washing & sanitization and will still provide everything needed to support these activities for your health, we are not going to include it in as many of our regular communications throughout the building or from the stage.

When seated or singing you are certainly welcome to continue to wear your mask, we simply wanted to clarify our current response to COVID-19.

We hope that this update helps you and your family make the best decision for your needs.  

Please email us with any questions at: