How Can I/We Make A Difference: Funtober Fest

Funtoberfest 2018

How can I make a difference? I love this question. It's a question that is loaded with ownership. The kind of person who asks this question often looks at a need and then gladly assumes responsibility to address it.

As much as I love that question, I think it always needs to be asked underneath a much larger question. How can we make a difference? How beautiful it is when individuals take ownership and join together with others to accomplish big things. That is what we get to do in the church everyday. It's with that vision for mission that I want to introduce you to a fast approaching opportunity.

Funtober Fest 2018

For the past several years Metro Life has partnered with a growing number of local churches (now 10) to host annual community events. One of these events that we have been growing over the years is Funtober Fest. This is a large public event that is completely free to the community. The event offers trunk-or-treating, costume contests, carnival games, hay rides, bounce houses, free food and much more. Every year we bless families within Casselberry and the surrounding communities with these events that are hosted in Secret Lake Park.

Now the heart behind this is not for the churches to become excellent event planners. Our collective desire is to serve the thousands of people who come to the park. We hope that the event itself would be a clear example of our love for these strangers. And ultimately, we desire greatly that this event would be an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus.

We attempt to accomplish this in two ways. First, every event we host invites the community to our church services. We hope that the act of love itself would adorn the gospel we share and lead people who are far off to trust the church. Secondly, we rely on our members to staff this event. Every member is there to serve this community through a specific task but at the same time, we are all ambassadors of Christ. We are to look for opportunities to engage with our guests. My hope is that we would have many first time visitors the Sunday following this years event because they met and were drawn out in conversation by members of Metro Life. This is how you can make a difference. And, this is how we as a church can make a bigger difference.

To pull this off we’re going to need your help in multiple areas, more than anything, we’d like to see a strong representation from our church not only in attendance but serving this event as well. 



We're not asking for money, but we sure could use some candy! Actually, we could usie A LOT of candy! We're talking non-chocolate, individually wrapped kinds of candy that we can easily distribute at the games and various cars being hosted at the Trunk-Or-Treat.  Drop off of this candy is super-simple: there are collection bins in our lobby! Let's see those bins overflow with delicious sugar rush inducing candies! 


From Hay rides to carnival games, costume contests to food tents there's an area of service for every gifting... check out how easy it is to sign up to serve by clicking here - there are already tons of people pouring in from other churches and organizations, let's show our community that Metro Life Church is here for them! 

Host A Car Tn The Trunk-Or-Treat

This year, the churches have asked for each church to provide a minumum of 3 cars for the trunk-or treat portion of the event. Please consider registering yourself for this great honor. It is wonderful to see all of the wonderful children in our community wearing smiles on thier faces as they go from car to car. You can indicate that you'd like to host a vehicle at the Trunk-Or-Treat simply by filling out our service form.


I hope you sense the vision and purpose behind this wonderful event. If you've got any questions please email myself at I look forward to serving our community alongside you at the Funtober Fest!