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Keep Asking, Keep Seeking, Keep Knocking!

PrayerIn Luke 7:7-12 Jesus beckons us into a persistence and confidence in prayer. What did He want His hearers to learn?

Pray Persistently - Jesus earlier said that the poor in spirit will be blessed. We are urged to pray persistently because we are poor in spirit; we are needy. We don't have the strength and grace by ourselves to live a Christ-like life, but Jesus does! Persistence speaks of an ongoing need. We need grace every day, so ask!

Pray Confidently - Our Father in Heaven has promised to give us exactly what we need to live for Him each and every day. As you read the Sermon on the Mount do you find ways in which you want to shine more of the transforming power of Jesus? Then ask, and ask confidently! God your Father wants that for you too! God your Father is good, and will withhold no good thing from you and me. As Matt Redman sings in his song Fires, God will keep our fires burning, the fires of His life at work in and through our lives. So lets ask him persistently and confidently this week friends!



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