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Keep Walking With Him Who Paid It All!

DebtGood Morning, Metro! So where is that place where you keep your bills that need to be paid? Some of ours are auto pay, but some still go the old fashioned way of the mailbox. Those bills are in the kitchen. I write a check and seal the envelope but sure enough, about 30 days later they show up again! There is one “bill” though that never shows up, and it is the one that I owe more than anything else. I never get a bill that shows the remaining debt on my sin, because Jesus paid it all! He took my record of debt away with its legal demands, and nailed it to the cross! I am free! Free to walk with Jesus in newness of life. Free to know Jesus as Savior, Lord and Friend. Free to be rooted and built up in him so that my freedom can be on display.

If you are in Christ you are free! You can walk without chains! And you can flourish in Him! You and I can grow and live a life pleasing to Him. As R. Kent Hughes said,

“With trees, a general rule is that the invisible spread of the branches is roughly equal to the invisible spread of the roots. The deeper and more widespread our roots in Christ, the greater the shade, fruit, and beauty we provide.”  R. Kent Hughes, Colossians, pg. 62

May your roots in Christ go deeper and wider this week, and may it be a testimony of your freedom for all to see!



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