Learning From Israel…Learning From Our Own Story

God's GraceGood Morning Metro!

I hope the grace and mercy of Jesus is a cause for awestruck wonder in your heart as you begin this day! It is for me! Thinking back to the message from Sunday and its application to my own life, I am simultaneously perplexed and strengthened over this reality; for all my years as a Christian there is still so much I want to see in my growth in the Lord. Reflecting on Israel's "roller coaster" relationship with the Lord, I see the strands of that in my own life. I see passion and zeal for the Lord, where I feel and am desirous of selling and abandoning everything for the cause of Christ. Then, I see passivity, leveling off, and zeal is more like a warming pad on the stove instead of a pot of boiling water. Can you relate? Here is how I am strengthened though; Jesus is the Author AND Perfecter of my faith, my walk, my growth, my everything. He is never the cause of my complacency, but He is always the cure! These words in a devotional this morning encouraged me. As we pray together about what it means for us to devote ourselves in time, talents and resources to building into God's Kingdom, may these words encourage you as well:

Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:18.

Although you may be born again, it will require time to become a full-grown Christian. Justification is instantaneous, but sanctification is a lifework. We are to grow in wisdom. We are to add grace to grace. A tree may be perfect in its first year of growth, but it has not attained its maturity. So with the Christian: he may be a true child of God, but not a matured Christian. Taken from the book Day by Day with DL Moody DL Moody 1837-1899

My Prayer: "Lord Jesus, thank you that you are the Author and Perfecter of my faith. It has been 25 years now since I heard your call of mercy and grace to me. On the night I placed my trust in you, and asked you to forgive me my many sins, you did and I was already perfect and righteous in your sight. Amazing grace! But that night was also the beginning of growing, from a sapling into maturity. And like the live oaks of central Florida, the maturing takes time. Thank you for your astonishing patience, mercy and kindness. Resting in your finished work, mature me by your grace and for your glory, Jesus!" - Amen