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Learning From Jethro

images-14Jethro was quite a father-in-law. He observed Moses for one day doing a good and sincere work; however it was an unsustainable work. He was essentially caring for all of Israel with little to no help!

Exodus 18 shows us a precursor of equipping the saints for works of ministry and on a more basic level, it shows us a picture of discipleship: one person encouraging and helping another person walk with The Lord.

We all need someone and we can be the one for someone. I know you know this, but so much of our growth in our love, devotion, maturity, and passion for the renown of Jesus Christ is in relationship with fellow brothers and sisters. I need this. You need this. We need this. Do you want this? As we each pursue real, vulnerable, and encouraging relationships we will see more people long for what we have together in Jesus. Jethro didn't know of the numerous "one another's" that would cover the pages of the New Testament, but he understood that it takes a community of people, not just one spiritual leader, to effectively strengthen a people in the ways of The Lord!



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