Meet the Alive D-Group Leaders

AliveD-GroupLeadersI wanted to take a moment to introduce a few individuals who are taking on a major role in the life of our church.  As you know; Alive is our mininstry to students in middle and high school and there are a few new faces at our meetings who are investing in this ministry in some powerful ways.

These leaders want to break down walls as students walk in so they don’t have a chance to feel lonely, scared, or bored.  Our goal in Alive is an engagement with truth and practical application of God’s word to life everyday.  We want to let them know that we care about them, that they are walking into a safe place, and we want to have fun with them.

Rather than write about them all here, although we want to introduce you to them individually in the near future, we'll show you a little about them to start things off:

Why let you know about these particular servants here at Metro Life Church?  Because they matter to the life of our church and they're making very specific investments in the future of our church through ministry to the youth, your family may even benefit from them in the near future.  I also introduce them to you so you can pray for them; they need your prayers and more importantly the power of God to give them strength to serve in the ways we're asking them to.  

Will you commit to take the time to pray for one or all of them today?