MLC October Bulletin

October 2021

In addition to these various events and gatherings, we also have our regularly scheduled meetings such as:

  • Alive Students (including summer activities)
  • Sunday Celebrations each week at 10am
  • Community Groups for the Fall Term are also online here...

Please see our full calendar of events here




Church-Wide Picnic

October 24, 2021

12:00pm - 3:30pm

Location: Metro Soccer Field

Sunday, October 24, 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. // Fellowship is a vital part of life in a church family. After all, God created us to desire human interaction, friendship, and community. With that in mind, we will be hosting a church wide picnic again on the soccer field, immediately following the service. Need games with even some adult competition. We ask that everyone bring their own food, blankets, chairs and sunscreen. Other treats will be available for all. We are eager to gather again, and we have carefully planned this event with safety in mind.

Metro Young Adults: Worship and Prayer Nights

Every last Tuesday of the month

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: 910 S. Winter Park Drive, Casselberry, FL 32707

The grind of our daily responsibilities can drag our eyes away from the one who is truly important. We all need those fresh moments where we fix our eyes on Jesus with others. Join us monthly as we gather to sing praise and pray together. 

Every time is exciting because we are singing and praying to a living God! How will he meet us this month?

5th Sunday Women's Ministry Meeting

October 31, 2021

5:30pm – 8:30pm

DISCIPLE…A follower; an adherent to the doctrines of another. Hence the constant attendants of Christ were called his disciples; and hence all Christians are called his disciples, as they profess to learn and receive his doctrines and precepts. (Webster’s 1828). Ladies, 12 and up…Join us on Oct 31, 5:30 pm for fellowship, 6:00pm for worship, teaching and ministry one to another as we delve into what it means to be HIS DISCIPLE. 

Neighbor to Neighbor: Casselberry Churches

November 13, 2021

8:00am – 12:00pm

What do 6 local churches in Casselberry have in common? A whole lot! We have one Savior. One Spirit. One gospel. And we truly are a part of the one Church.

At our last event we were able to serve families living in the city of Casselberry who for various reasons were in need of yard work. These families were accruing fines for being in code violation. We were able, alongside with the city, to bring 12 homes up to code.

But far more than that, we were able to bring the love of Jesus to these families. There was times of prayer and encouragement. One lady called the pastors afterwards to tell us that she had grown up hearing that God loved her and the church was supposed to show her that kind of love. She said this was the first time she experienced that kind of love personally.

It was an incredible event and we want to do it again. And just like last time our heart isn't only to accomplish a large amount of yard work in one day. Our heart is to be the priesthood of Christ to these individuals. We hope to pray, encourage, and share the incredible news of Jesus. And we want you there with us!

So brothers and sister, would you consider right now if you can join us on November 13th. We will serve, alongside other local churches, by doing various yard work at homes throughout our city. And by God's grace, we will proclaim the good news of Jesus to those we serve. Would you please consider registering yourself and your family below?

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Community Group Fall Term

At Metro Life Church we are a church OF Community Groups, not just a church with Community Groups. We consider Community Groups an essential part of church life. We desire that every member of Metro Life Church know the great benefit there is to living life in Community. Go to to sign up for a Community Group this Fall Term!”

October 2021