Prank Your Pastor: Alive 2021 Summer Fundraiser

Prank your Pastor

 "Last Summer was not what we were expecting", is an understatement. We felt this very acutely in our youth ministry, Alive. Activities were canceled, events were postponed and Summer camp was punted for an entire year. We tried to have some fun but you can only take so much of Zoom group calls.

That is why we want to go big for this Summer! We want to make Alive camp this year extra special. At the same time, we need to make camp affordable so as many families can participate as possible. So to be able to pull that off, we are going to need your help.

Prank Your Pastor Fundraiser

Yes, I'm going to ask for your money. But don't worry! I'm also going to try and make it worth it. As a pastoral team, we wanted to express our love for the youth of our church, so we have placed our well-being into your hands. For three weeks (April 18th-May 2nd) we will be collecting donations for Alive Summer 2021. All of the proceeds will go towards lowering the cost of Summer camp while maximizing the amount of fun. We are praying and hoping that this Summer we will make memories and proclaim truths that will last a lifetime.

So back to our well-being part. Each Sunday, there will be jars in our church lobby. Three jars will have pictures of pastors over them (Chris Jessee, Cristian Moscoso, and Shane Kohout). The rest of the jars will have the names of pranks written over them. When you place money in one of those jars you are casting a vote. At the end of every Sunday, we will count the money in the jars. The prank with the most money in it will be that week's prank and the pastor's jar with the most money will be that week's target. The prank will be carried out over the following week and documented for your viewing enjoyment.

Why would we do something crazy like this? Because we love the teens at Metro Life Church and we really want to make this Summer special. Also, we know of nothing more motivating to give money towards than a hundred water balloons thrown at a pastor on his way to his car. So bring your checkbook, cash, or even coins on Sunday mornings and join us for some fun. 

Remember, it's for the kids.