Given a recent increase in infection rates throughout Seminole County, we have suspended all in-person worship and ministry gatherings until further notice. 

Likewise, our church office will be open by appointment only. 

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Prayer & Fasting

Last Sunday we heard a testimony about revived devotion to prayer in Anne-Marie Sargent's life. What I appreciated about her testimony is how real it was. She did not set herself up as the person who always prays and never gives up. And yet she has experienced the real grace of God to devote herself to calling out to God in prayer. I don't know what this week has been like for you thus far. It may be that you had a banner time with the Lord. But for others, it may be that you are still hoping to make the most of these last few days together. Let me encourage you to do so all the more. As a church, we need God and we want to cry out to him this week and in the year ahead. May the Lord grant each and everyone of us this revived zeal to commune and cry out to him!