UPDATE (June 26, 2020): Given a recent increase in infection rates throughout Seminole County, we made the difficult decision to again suspend all in-person worship and ministry gatherings until further notice. Please join us for worship on Sunday mornings, 10:00 a.m. via Facebook LiveYouTube or our websiteLikewise, our church office will be open by appointment only. We request masks or other facial coverings while on Metro Life Church facilities and grounds.

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Proclaiming Jesus

This past Sunday we studied Acts 2:1-41 together. What a passage! How kind of God to not leave us as orphans, to send the Holy Spirit so that now, everyday, Jesus is with us! What emerges so clearly and powerfully from the text is that when the Holy Spirit fills us we are given power to go and be witnesses of Jesus Christ! We may be visited with various signs and wonders and gifts when we are filled with the Holy Spirit. We see that variety throughout Acts and we want to be an expectant people. What Acts 2 helps us with is to be as expectant for the specific power of proclaiming Jesus Christ and His glorious Gospel. Let's expect to be filled with boldness if we are asking! After the service Kurt Klinect came up to me and reminded me of a quote from A Gospel Primer for Christians by Milton Vincent. He said, “Boldness is critical. Without boldness, my life story will be one of great deeds left undone, victories left unwon, petitions left unprayed, and timely words unsaid. If I wish to live only a pathetically small portion of the life God has prepared for me, then I need no boldness. But if I want my life to bloom full and loom large for the glory of God, then I must have boldness – and nothing so nourishes boldness in me like the gospel! ...the more I experience the life-transforming power of the gospel, the more confident I am in speaking it to others, both saved and lost. I know what the gospel can do in people’s lives if they would believe the fullness of it, because I see what it is doing in me and in others.” Thank you for bringing it to my attention, Kurt! It encouraged me and now may it encourage us all! Friends, if we each invite even just one person per month for the rest of the year, that would be 2700 people invited for the rest of this year. Imagine that! Pray for that! Lets ask God for power to do that! God bless your proclaiming, friends!