Promotion Sunday - 9/7

Promotion Sunday1This coming Sunday, September 7th, is our Promotion Sunday!  With the new school year comes new experiences and new class grades.  

Please note that your school-aged child should move up to his/her current grade in the Truth Quest class rooms.  Our classes are broken down as follows:  Kindergarten/1st, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th.  Obviously, some children will remain in the same classroom, but will become the "upper-classmen" in their room.  This means they have an opportunity to set an example for the younger kids coming in.

If your child is entering 6th grade - MIDDLE SCHOOL - we would like to invite him/her to our ALIVE meetings that happen twice a month.  You can find more info HERE.  The next ALIVE meeting is Sunday, September 14th immediately after the service.