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Salvation Has Come To This House!

Hello Metro,

Baptism 4.20.14

Meet the Ruiz family. A few family members began attending Metro two years ago. At the start of this year a few more family members began to visit. Since January 6 different family members have placed their trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins! Family members, the Chin home group, and the preached Word have all been used by God to draw one family member after another to The Lord. And then they bring more family members!

It brings to mind what Jesus said in Luke 19 about Zacchaeus. Jesus said, "Salvation has come to this house." Salvation has indeed come to the Ruiz house! Four family members were baptized on Easter Sunday, and two family members came to faith in Jesus during the Easter service! Easter is all about the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus paid it all! And He still has the power to save!

Who are you praying for? Who can you share the love of Jesus Christ with? Who can you invite to join you sometime for coffee, to home group, or to a Sunday service? You never know how near to salvation through Jesus Christ someone may be!


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