Serving opportunities in our office

HelpWantedWe are in need of assistance in our front office operations.

Please review these opportunities and advise Chip Chew if you would be willing to do them on an on-going basis.

R e c e p t i o n i s t

1. Front Desk Receptionist (Daily) – Answer phones, assist guests at Info Center

2. Sunday Front Desk (Some Sundays) – Assist folks with questions on Sunday mornings before and after service.

P u b l i c a t i o n s

1. Bulletin (Weekly) – Update articles and print bulletin

2. *Classifieds (1st Sunday) – Update & format Classifieds on a monthly basis; ensure adequate copies available

3. *Prayer List (2nd Sunday) – Update & format Prayer List on a monthly basis; ensure adequate copies available

4. *Calendar (Last Sunday) – Complete member birthdays & anniversaries on a monthly basis; ensure adequate copies are available.

M i s c e l l a n e o u s

1. Greeter & Follow Up – Facilitate Greeter schedule & send out welcome letters for any guest cards received.

2. CD Duplication (Mondays) – Copy Sunday message onto CDs

3. *Email Updates - Update member emails in Church Directory & Constant Contact

4. *Home Group Leader Info (As Needed) - update HGL Directory & ensure adequate copies available at Info Station. Update HGL spreadsheet for office.

5. *Graduation Recognition (June) – Facilitate churchwide recognition of high school/college, etc. graduates * These are tasks that can be facilitated from HOME.

P r a y e r

1. *Week of Prayer & Fasting (Biannual) - Update Week of Prayer & Fasting handouts

2. *Prayer for Persecuted Church (November) - Provide pamphlets for yearly day of prayer for the Persecuted Church

E v e n t s

1. *Baptisms (Quarterly) - Facilitate Baptism signup & communication; mail certificates

2. *Parent~Child Dedications – (Quarterly) Facilitate Parent-Child Dedication signup & communication; mail certificates

3. FCLS New Member Class (Biannual) – Facilitate tasks pertaining the biannual new member classes

T r u t h Q u e s t C h i l d r e n ’ s M i n i s t r y

1. *Overseer – Person or couple responsible for overseeing all of Truth Quest, assuring the following tasks are completed.

2. Snacks (Weekly) - Replenish classroom snacks, alphabetize nametags, resupply & straightens TQ classrooms

3. *Grids (Monthly) – Email Home Group Leaders to find where their people want to serve and complete the Grid for Sunday TQ

4. *Attendance (Monthly) – Update the classroom Attendance Sheets & Master List

5. Classrooms (Monthly) – Straighten rooms and disinfect toys

6. *Lead Teachers – Recruit new Leads; communicate with Leads regarding monthly teaching, curriculum & classroom issues. Hold Lead Teacher meetings biannually (March & August)

7. Nametags (Monthly) – Per Nametag Request forms, print nametags on office Zebra printer.

8. Curriculum: Lessons & Sword Drills, Binders (Periodically) Copy & assemble curriculum for TQ Leads

9. *Promotion Sunday (June) – On Attendance Sheets, move children to next grade. Communicate with parents/Leads regarding promotion Sunday.

10. 5th Sunday Kids Assemblies (3 or 4 a year) – Plan & facilitate Kids Assemblies during Sunday Celebration

11. *Family Meeting Childcare (3X year) - Facilitate youth childcare workers for Family Meetings
* These are tasks that can be facilitated from HOME.