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Suffering By Sight

Hello Metro,

We studied Genesis 40-41 last Sunday. I know on a personal level this series is encouraging me. Not only does Joseph's story give us a foreshadowing of Jesus, his story invites us to examine our own stories through the lens of Scripture. Every verse is preserved with a divine purpose. From beginning to end, God's SufferingBySightsalvation plan is in view. God's purpose to save and transform a people into his own image comes alive through Joseph's story. How can the Scriptures that detail the life experience of a man like Joseph meet you and help you to interpret what is happening in your story? I am finding countless ways right now in my story.

Joseph's story is helping me to see that God is at work in the hardest places of my life, even if I can’t presently see the outcome. Joseph's story is reminding me that what looks and feels like a pit to me is a kiln in God's purposes, where He is shaping me more and more into His image. He is growing me in those places. Joseph's story of looking past Egypt reminds me that this world is not my home. Or, as one author said,

“The fact is, no matter how good things get in the world, it’s all Egypt! There will never be enough gold chains, fine linen, praise, adoration, or anything else to satisfy the yearning that God placed in us. Only his presence in the Land of Promise will satisfy his people. The story of Joseph reminds us to look forward“to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God (Hebrews 11:10).”

By Voddie Baucham, Jr. pg. 84

So, what is happening in your life right now? How is the Lord using the story of Joseph to encourage you and enabling you to see His glorious purposes in the details of your everyday? Take the time to share it with someone else, and ask the same of them! God bless your week!



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