The Arena of Faith

GraceIn studying Exodus 4 and 5 I find a lot of similarity between Moses and myself. I don't mean that I relate to his calling or that I have a pretty cool staff that can do some pretty cool things. I mean that I relate to his selective listening, his faintness of heart, and his "why me?" attitude.

I don't mind a good fight of faith; it's just that I only want it to go one round and then experience the victory. Like Moses and Israel, I often accent part of what The Lord has said without accounting for all that The Lord had said. I think selective listening (including selective reading of Scripture) may be one of our most childlike attributes.

How does The Lord respond to all of my selective listening? Grace. Just like he did with Moses. How does The Lord respond to you? Grace.

As you step into the arena this week, arm yourself with ALL that The Lord had said, and save yourself that dumbfounded moment when you go back over to the stool in the corner of the ring between rounds. And by the way, if you see three of them, hit the one in the middle!