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The End of Prejudice

“I sometimes think that we live in fear and call it wisdom. But we live in fear — fear of the negative influences of the world. We live as though we have far more to fear from the “world” than they have to fear from us. We carry with us the Good News of Jesus the crucified and risen. The explanation of that news changes people; it removes them from the kingdom of darkness and brings them into the Kingdom of Jesus. It is far more a threat to their way of life than they are to us. 
We live in unbelief and call it moral separation. We live in unbelief, and actually deceive ourselves into thinking that we can create a parallel universe and thereby escape the corruptions that are in the world. We are not confident in this message and its power in us and its power toward others. 
Now, of course I am aware of our vulnerability, and of course I am aware of the care of my children, and of course I am aware of all the arguments that can be marshaled for caution and safety and the rest — but I am pressing for the other side. I am doing so because the Gospel calls us. 
We follow the One who was a friend of sinners, who took on flesh and blood as he entered a world in which there was nothing but defilement. He came down into this world, in association with people ruined by sin and living in sin in all its various forms, he lived in the same universe, not a parallel one. He was a friend of sinners and lived in purity at the same time. And he has sent us into this present age with the same mission — to be the people of God in the midst of this world, not to isolate ourselves from the people of this world. God wants believers to have confidence in the Gospel and to pass this on to our children as well. I am simply asking — are we confident? Are we imparting confidence to our children or teach them to live quarantined lives? Are we living in invisible hazmat suits, in a parallel universe?”

by Mark Lauterbach


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