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The Gospel and My Daily Protection

Hello Metro,

Inside of the gospel I have all the protection I need from the powers of evil that rage against me.

What a promise! Oh I need to not only know this, but appropriate this in prayer, in thinking and in living. I see a connection with every stumble in my life; a failure to live inside the good of the Gospel. Let’s remember Metro, that Jesus battled Satan’s temptations in the wilderness with the Word of God. He armed himself with the truth of Scripture. What great news that He took our place upon the Cross for all of our failures to trust God and for all our sin. But with His life in us now by the Holy Spirit, we can wield the Word of God for every battle we face, from within us or outside of us. I read the following today and it affected me my need to "stay inside of the Gospel:”

"Satan gives Adam an apple, and takes away Paradise. Therefore in all temptations let us consider not what he offers, but what we shall lose."  by Richard Sibbes 1577-1635 Quoted in A Puritan Golden Treasury