The Lord's Day: A "Market Day" For The Soul!

churchSo Metro, how did you spend your Sunday? Did you "work?" Did you avoid certain foods? If you did, why did you? Did you find someone under a pile of rubble? Did you get them out? Ok, seriously, Exodus 20:8-11 calls upon God's people to keep the Sabbath, to keep it by remembering it and setting it apart (holy), because God worked for 6 days and rested on the 7th. How should believers in Jesus Christ understand and apply an Old Covenant command? Is it relevant in the same way as it was for Israel is it relevant at all, or is there a "fuller" application of it in our day? Depending who you ask or who you read you will get different answers. In fact I shared  during the sermon that based upon all of Scriptures teaching, we need to guard against legalism while simultaneously honoring the Lord and loving those who may think differently about how they spend their Sunday. Here is the question that I think should be at or near the top of our list: how do we honor the Lord with all that we do? I hope the sermon got you thinking, talking, and most of praying about how to prioritize time with the Lord and with his people.

Jesus Christ has fulfilled the ceremonial aspects of the Sabbath. We aren't under the same civil laws as Old Testament Israel. However, we want to honor God with all 7 days of our week, but also recognize that God still prizes His people coming together to worship Him, fellowship together, and proclaim His name through acts of mercy and compassion to the world around us. In a rush-rush, drive-thru world, our souls and our bodies need rest, and God is eager to give it. Oh there is much more to say, but I am going to resist providing a list for you. Instead, engage the Lord and ask Him! The early church delighted to come together on the Lord's Day and prioritize His people on that day. What does that look like in my life, Lord?