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The Spirit Brings Life!

"What does it mean for God, through the Holy Spirit, to do beyond what we could ask or imagine? Below is a quote from this weekends sermon. May it inspire you!

“Since it’s your Word, work and power, we ask you to do the imaginable and the unimaginable in our midst. We’ll stay with a few things we can imagine, and we’ll let you surprise us with the unimaginable. Father, we can imagine status-quo churches, once gospel-centered and Spirit-filled, being re-fired, renewed and refocused. According to the power that is at work within us, we ask you to breath upon our dry bones and bring fresh life. We can imagine the restoration of gospel joy, first love and true worship. Father, we can imagine you bringing great glory to yourself out of incredibly broken stories and disillusioned, cynical believers. You are the God who works in ALL things for the good of those who love you. You are the God who says that things impossible for men are possible with you. You are the God who says we have not because we ask not. So we ask, Father. In the name of Jesus and for the expanding of your kingdom, we ask. Father, we can imagine broken relationships being healed and restored; we can imagine gossip and slander giving way to prayer and encouragement; we can imagine many of your irresponsible sons and daughters coming back home to you; we can imagine many of your self-righteous sons and daughters getting back on the dance floor of grace; we can imagine an unprecedented number of people coming to Christ in the coming weeks. Father, we can imagine shattered trust being rebuilt; we can imagine hard hearts being softened and gentled by the gospel; we can imagine risking again for your honor rather than rusting away in our smugness and unbelief. There are a few things we can imagine. Surprise us with the things we cannot even begin to imagine. Make beautiful things, make beautiful things out of us. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ name and for his glory.”

by: Scotty Smith, Gospel Coalition Website


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