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This week in Truth Quest: Kid's Assembly!

KIDSAssemblyLogoThank you for all of the ways that you’ve been flexible as we’ve been making adjustments to Truth Quest over the past few years. We wanted to let you know about another change happening this week that we think your Kindergarten through 5th grader will be excited about!

The Kid’s Assembly will happen again this Sunday morning! If you’re unfamiliar with our Kid’s Assemblies in Truth Quest they’re a great time for the classes to come together to worship and learn the lessons that we’ve been teaching in class with a few special elements added in. Many thanks to Allison Milliner and her team for their hard work on this, we know Truth Quest will benefit from their investment.

Here’s a few important items for your family to know this Sunday:

  • Kid’s Assembly will go from 10a-11:30a (Full Service Length!)
  • You will check your child(ren) in at the normal Truth Quest check-in station, You will then walk your child(ren) over to the chapel for the Assembly (this is the same way we handled the children’s choir in December so you may recall this process if your child participated in that)
  • Check-In begins, like normal, at 9:30a you can drop your child(ren) off at the chapel beginning at 9:45a (this should give you time to allow your children to use the restroom prior to the kid’s assembly).  If you have children that are younger than Kindergarten drop-off will happen at it’s regularly scheduled time during the break
  • You will pick your children up the same way at the close of the service from Truth Quest

Join us Sunday at