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Truth Quest Study: Israel Demanded a King

U10S1photoThis week in Truth Quest, we reached an important juncture in the big story of the Bible. The people of Israel had been led by a series of judges, but now they looked around and saw how the other nations had kings, so they too wanted a king. So the people went to the last judge, the prophet Samuel and demanded a king. Samuel resisted, but God told him to do as the people asked. However, God told Samuel to warn the people about the consequences of having a king.

Samuel tried to warn the people that a king would place a heavy burden on them. He would take young men to fight in wars. He would tax the people. He would make them work hard. But the people refused to listen so God appointed a man named Saul to be Israel’s king. From a human perspective, Saul was the perfect choice, but as we will see next week, he was far from being the perfect king God had in mind.

Help your kids understand that Jesus is our King and that He is the perfect, wise, and loving King. Encourage your kids to follow Jesus as the absolute leader of their lives!

Family Starting Points


  • Who is our King? Jesus is our King forever. 
  • God chose a king for Israel. 



  • Who is our King? Jesus is our King forever, and He rules over the world. 
  • God chose Saul 


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