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Truth Quest Update: 5 things you need to know for our new Check-In procedures

It is finally here! After months of research and preparation, our new Truth Quest Check-In System is ready to go! We will implement the new system THIS SUNDAY, 4/19.

check in tqHere are the things you need to know to be prepared:

1 - COME EARLY - Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the service to check in at the TQ desk and get your child(ren)’s tag. Tags for kids and parents will be new each week and all are needed to check out. Don’t lose your parent tag! (It is sticky, so it should be easy to keep track of it!)

2 - After getting tags, your child will go into the service with you until the break (like normal). NOTE: Go to Truth Quest through the LOBBY. There will be no access through the side auditorium door.

3 - At the break - if your child already has a tag, you can take him/her to the “Express Line” at the desk (that’s a perk for checking in early…hint, hint!) Here, you will be greeted by a “Trail Guide” who will escort your child to class. (Parents no longer take kids directly to their classrooms.) If you did not check your child in before the service, you will have to do so at the break.

4 - Your family will be issued a new number each week as a security precaution. Please refer to your parent tag for that number, which will also be used to call you (on the screens) if your child needs you. Your parent tag will list all the children you checked in. Don’t lose it!

5 - At the end of the service, the parent should line up at the desk. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PARENT TAG as we will scan that, along with your child’s tag to complete the Check-Out process. A “Trail Guide” will retrieve your child(ren) and bring them to check out.

tq desk 2Please be patient with us as this system is new for everyone. It will probably take a couple of weeks to get everything just right, but we are excited for this new system to ensure the safety of our children.


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