What is involved in the Celebration?


As we saw on the previous post, Advent is the season leading up to Christmas. This is a period of 4 weeks that has historically been seen as a time of waiting and preparing. Unfortunately, the American church sometimes views the season of Advent as an extension of Christmas day. The advent season is meant to be a season of preparation for the day of celebration which can seem a little countercultural when we live in a world where black Friday lasts 2 weeks and the Christmas season starts in early October.  

At Metro we will intentionally slow down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take the time to meditate on our need for a Savior. We will look at the promises we find in Scripture that point us to the day when Christ comes back victorious. We will sing gospel-drenched hymns and carols that will stir our affections and fuel our longing for the day Christ comes back.

We will use the wreath with 5 candles, lighting one each week as the day of Christmas approaches, four of which represent Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. The fifth one will be lit up on Christmas Eve as a reminder of the Incarnation of our Lord on the first Christmas. 

We hope that this time of meditation will help us identify and deconstruct the lies and fears the world is peddling at us left and right. And as we look to Scripture for the promises of God, we will see our sense of expectation increase as the day draws near. We pray this season of Advent would outlast the high of Christmas Day. We hope it kickstarts our hearts to wonder and awe. We hope the fruit that comes from this season lasts not only beyond the holiday season and into the new year but also to eternity. 

We hope you and your family would participate during this season at home by spending time as a family reading Scripture, singing songs and praying together in preparation for Christmas.