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What Is It We Want Most From This Life?

glory-of-godDear Metro,

As I read Ken Sande's blog today it took me back to Sunday, and our message from Exodus 19. What is it we want most from this life? Good health, great kids, a hefty savings account? I'm all for all the above, but I will not always have good health, my kids will grow and establish their lives outside of our home, and even if I had a heft savings account, it will get used up in one way or another. So, what should I live for? The answer is in Exodus 19, and in the song we responded too in worship on Sunday. Read Ken's post, but read it this way, "Lord, show me your glory! Whatever you want to do in my life and through my life, show me your glory. May your glory be what I live for today!"

A Sickness Not Unto Death by Ken Sande


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