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Your Seeing and Rewarding Father

"Your Father who sees in secret will reward you." That's how Jesus ends each section in Matthew 6:1-18. We have a Father in heaven. We are his children by adoption through Jesus Christ. And our Father sees. He sees everything that goes unnoticed and unaccounted by others. And he rewards. What a breathtaking reality!

Today could be full of many different things: Bad medical news, criticism from a close friend, waiting in a long line, hearing an answer to prayer, a child who is being bullied, someone sick in need of care, discretionary time, things to clean up, sunburns, dirty diapers to change, etc. The list goes on and on. As God's kingdom people it means that in all things we seek to live for his heavenly reward. We're seeking to honor him when things go well and when they go poorly; in the things people see and in the things that go unnoticed. Our heavenly Father sees, he rewards, and therefore nothing that we do for his kingdom is ultimately in vain. This is the confidence that we are meant to take with us each day.

Have a blessed week!