Reclaiming Prophecy Conference 2018

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April 20, 2018 to April 21, 2018

  • April 20, 2018:
  • April 21, 2018:

Location: 910 S. Winter Park Drive, Casselberry, FL 32707

Category: Proclaiming Christ


We want to elevate and celebrate the Holy Spirit’s testimony of Jesus through faithful prophetic ministry in the local church. We desire to assist fellow pastors, their prophetic members, and their “prophetically-interested” to experience Christ-honoring, team-focused, gospel- centered prophetic ministry growth in their churches. We hope to envision everyone for how prophetic ministry is integrated, developed, and sustained in the local church. Beyond a methodology or model, this conference is for anyone seeking authenticity, accountability, and anointing in prophetic ministry that serves the body of Christ.

We believe 1 Cor. 14:31 that says, “you can all prophesy,” and to that end, we will provide teaching, activation, feedback, and testimonials in a setting anchored in the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Father’s love, and sound biblical doctrine. We realize that some prophetic ministry can be man-centered and performance-oriented, and we wish to provide a fresh approach geared toward equipping the saints, not entertainment.

This is why we believe there is a need to envision churches again for this ministry from an inclusive, team-oriented perspective. We hope you will join us in asking God to reclaim the gift of prophecy for His glory in His church.


Friday, April 20

7:30pm - Worship/Session 1:  “Reclaiming the Testimony of Jesus in the Spirit of Prophecy” – Darin Slack

Laying the groundwork for Christ-honoring, gospel-centered prophetic ministry in the local church.  Reclaiming our vision for the prophetic in church leaders and members through prophecy that speaks to the work Jesus has done for us, is doing in us, and will do through us.

8:30pm - Ministry/Activation Session: Hearing the Voice of God Teaching, Demonstration, and Activation - Darin Slack

This will be a session devoted to practical demonstration, training in discerning God's voice, and ministry to conference attendees by the Prophetic Team.

Saturday, April 21

9:00am – Worship/Session 2: “The Pastor - Prophetic Relationship” - Aron Osborne

A look at the "Pastor - Prophetic Person(s) relationship in the local church.  Unpacking the challenge and blessing of identifying, training, and raising up a prophetic ministry in the local church, while providing care, accountability, and oversight for the hearts of those called to prophesy.  Highlight the importance of mutual submission, accountability, and reconciliation.  The value of pastoral wisdom and protection, and the pastor relationship to the prophet(s) God is bringing forth. 

10:05am - Session 3:  A Prophetic Team Teaching Workshop - Aron Osborne, Mediator

Aron Osborne Interviews different Prophetic Team members on their prophetic process centered around the many ways God speaks to us externally and internally.  This gives many prophetic people a voice while giving the attendees a chance to see all the ways God moves.

10:45am - Ministry/Activation Time – Darin Slack, Administrator

Exercises of faith designed to get people prophesying and ministering to one another with our teams mixed in.

11:45am -  Lunch Break

12:30pm -  Panel Discussion

This segment is intended to address specific audience questions while including discussion about the problems facing prophetic ministry's growth in the local church in our regions and the local church globally.

1:15pm - Session 4: “The New Testament Prophecy Model: Local Service, Global Growth” - Darin Slack

Setting a biblical course for New Testament Prophetic Ministry in and through the local church by positioning the value of developing local prophetic team ministry, while shaping our global ministry worldview of prophetic ministry through the eyes of Paul, the Apostle.  We will discuss local ministry team development strategies, as well as highlight extra-local missions opportunities God is providing through Metro Life Church and Heart of Titus Ministries.

1:45pm - Ministry/Activation Session - Darin Slack

Group exercises that teach multiple levels of the Spirit's direction for prophetic ministry.

2:30pm - Close

Cost (includes conference materials and lunch on Saturday)

$15 Students
$25 per Adult
$40 per Couple
One Day Only
$10 Single
$20 Couple




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