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Alive Camp Fundraiser: Dance-A-Thon

Dance a thon image

June 22, 2019

6:30pm – 9:00pm

Location: 910 S. Winter Park Drive, Casselberry, FL 32707

Category: Alive | Coordinator: Shane Kohout

We are so excited about this Summer in Alive. Everything in the Summer is building up to our biggest event, Uprising: Alive Summer Camp 2019.

We want every teen in the church to be able to attend this year's camp. Unfortunately, the reality of camp is there is a cost to attend. That is why we have planned this year's Dance-A-Thon.

Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser

Teens will be going around over the next few months asking for people to sponsor them during this event. To sponsor a teen you will be asked to pledge a certain amount of money for every ten minutes they (Either individuals or teams of two) dance without stopping. This event, which will be on the night of June 22nd, will last for 2 hours. This means there will be the potential for each teen or team to dance for 12 consecutive ten-minute windows.

This means, if you pledge $2 for every ten minutes of consecutive dancing you would at max have to pay out $24. ($2 X 12 ten minute sessions= $24)

Or if you decided to pledge a generous $10 per a ten-minute session you would at max pay out $120.

Rules for Dancers

Now, this won't be a walk in the park teens! At closest, a dance in the park, but even that is a bad analogy. There are rules for this event.

  • You can choose to go it alone or you can partner up with 1 other teen. If you are alone, all the money you raise goes towards your camp registration. If you have a partner you have to split the money but only one of you needs to dance at a time (think leg cramps and bathroom breaks)
  • If you stop dancing and a judge says it's disqualifying, you are done. You can keep dancing but it will no longer count towards your fundraising.
  • The type of music played the night of the event will change during the 10-minute windows so be prepared to try some new moves.
  • Don't be late for the event. You can start whenever but you won't get back those precious ten-minute windows.
  • Dancing alone is hard, so the more of your friends that participate the easier these 2 hours will fly! Get your friends to participate.
  • You are responsible for explaining how the fundraiser works to people who are sponsoring you and you are responsible for collecting the money. Please have your sponsors make the payments out to Metro Life Church with your name in the memo field.
  • If you are wearing a costume...That would be awesome.

Good luck! And have fun!!