For the LORD is good;
his steadfast love endures forever,
and his faithfulness to all generations - Psalm 100:5

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to reach our goal?

Faithful 2022 - progress (04012022)We worked to bring our budget into alignment for our ministries and mission for 2022. This did leave a shortfall for areas of improvement (capital expenditures) and reinvestment into our property. This budget category is driven by a goal of better setting us up for the ministry we're called to in the years ahead.

An anonymous donor group surprised us with a generous offer. They observed our heart for this community. They also looked at the ways we're going about fulfilling our mission.  This resulted in a $50,000 matching gift which we'll seek to raise the funds to 'match' in January through March, 2022. 

We prayed through this opportunity, discussed as Elders and drew our Financial Advisory Committee into the conversation. At the end of the day, we believe this is supernatural provision for our church.

We are grateful for the example being set for us of a generous heart to see the gospel continue and the role that we play through our Vision and Mission in Casselberry.

God has given us this mission, God has provided in surprising ways - now, our part is to work to be faithful to raise the $50,000 on our end to match their offer.


Here are some ways you can participate...

There are a number of individuals and families who make up the generosity that Metro Life Church is called to steward each year.  Those gifts often fall into recurring giving categories of tithes.  What we are called to in this case is an additional offering before the Lord.

In order to reach our goal of $50,000 - it means each of us participating in the average amount of $350. Some will be able to do more, others less. 

We wanted to present a few ways to prayerfully consider your part so that we all own this opportunity together...

Increased Giving

Perhaps you're in a place to add more to your regularly recurring tithes. Scripture calls these offerings.

If each of our generous donors were to increase their giving by 50% from January through March that would make our $50,000 goal. 

One-time Gift

You may be at a place where you can do a one-time gift. Even for the estimated $350 from each participating generous donor giving to our church.

No matter the amount remember, for every dollar you give, it is doubled by our generous matching-gift donor. 

Recurring Gift

We are able to setup recurring payments - for example, if you wanted to participate in the amount of $350 that would break-down to

$111 - each month
- or -
$30 - each week

The amount is up to you but, even for what may seem like a small daily amount, tremendous multiplication can happen!

Tax Return

Perhaps you have opportunity to file for your taxes and return early. You can commit to give that to the church to extend that refund's effectiveness for the Kingdom of God!


These are just a few ideas and we would anticipate a variety of ways that people can participate.  Our heart is that you experience the joy and grace of giving.  More than that - for every dollar you're able to participate with, it is multiplied as we all participate together. 

That mutiplied amount, through everyone participating together, is then doubled through our generous donor's matching gift. 

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Generational Legacy.

Twenty-Four years ago, after over a decade of being a church-out-of-the-box, we were blessed to find this church property.  9.5 acres in Casselberry, Florida with endless opportunities to share the good news of the gospel in the surrounding area.  After the aquisition of the land as well as the construction of our facility, Metro Life Church moved into our permanent home which we've occupied now for over two decades.

you can download a copy of our original brochure for this facility here

That's the historical look at Metro Life Church's current home... but that's not necessarily what it took "to get here". 

What that season of purchasing land, filing for our property-use and the process of architechual designs actually looked like was sacrificial generosity by families just like yours.

This Past Year...

We've been able to share where our church is at in terms of our gatherings, ministry and mission.  This included a summary of our church's budget which helps shape the stewardship of our time, talent, treasure and truth.

More than 200 have been served in our local mission, including 3 Neighbor-to-Neighbor events this year. This means we were able to serve 14 homes and 3 local schools, as we met the direct needs for the good of our neighbors here in Casselberry.

Your generosity goes to the hungry fed, the naked clothed, and employment gained. Together, we have seen lives saved, dignity affirmed and the hope of eternal life shared.

You can find a copy of our 2021-2022 report here

Quite candidly, we believe this is just the beginning of what God is going to do through us in our community.

Transformational Future.

Much of the reason that our facility was designed this way is the mission that we're called to: reaching out in local mission as well as hosting others for training and equipping.  This happens along with a beautiful facility where families can gather at a local church week-in-and-week-out. 

The transformational future that we have to look forward as a church isn't because we're the biggest -or- best.  We have this future to look forward to because that's how powerful the good news of the gospel is!


Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to reach our $50,000 goal?