UPDATE (June 26, 2020): Given a recent increase in infection rates throughout Seminole County, we made the difficult decision to again suspend all in-person worship and ministry gatherings until further notice. Please join us for worship on Sunday mornings, 10:00 a.m. via Facebook LiveYouTube or our websiteLikewise, our church office will be open by appointment only. We request masks or other facial coverings while on Metro Life Church facilities and grounds.

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The Return of The Flamingo

After the Alive events of last Summer, you thought your lawn was finally safe. You thought wrong!

What do lawn flamingos have to do with the advancement of God’s kingdom? Well this Summer, quite a lot! The Alive youth group is preparing for our Uprising camp.

Uprising is a 4-day camp designed to get our High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers away from all of lives distractions and take some time to focus on God. We are excited about this year's theme of Jesus' resurrection and the new life we now have in him. If you haven't yet, I encourage you to read about it here!

I truly believe God will use our time at Uprising this year to connect truth to the lives of our teens. However, one factor that can limit who gets to attend is cost. This is where fundraisers become necessary.

Enter the Flamingos

From now through the Summer you can get in on the fun by giving to our Alive Uprising Camp Fundraiser. All of the proceeds will go towards the camp. We hope that the response will be large enough to offset costs and maybe even offer some scholarships.

I know our church is generous and if I left it there I’m confident many of you would contribute. But I want you all to have fun while your blessing the teens! 

So, when you donate $50 or more you can pick any member of our church as a “target” to be flocked. I, and whatever team I can convince to get up this early, will show up at that members house and place 50 lawn flamingos in their front lawn.

Don’t worry, we will come back in the afternoon to pick them up. But, your “target” can enjoy the looks of their neighbors in the meantime!

But Wait There’s More

If you would like to prevent such a horrible thing happening to your lawn then I have the product for you. Flamingo Insurance! If you give a $100 or more to the Alive Fundraiser and state it is for Flamingo Insurance then your lawn will be under protection.

That means, anytime someone targets you they will wake up in the morning to find that their plans backfired. That’s right! They will have 50 flamingos in their lawn instead.

One Last Rule

If someone has Lawn Insurance but you still really want to get them, you have an option. Lawn Insurance covers 2 "targets" but if you purchase (or a group of you purchase) 3 targets then the Flamingos will get through. This is where pooling your resources pays off ;)

Have Fun

If you are the lucky target of a flock of lawn flamingos we ask two things. 

1) Please leave the Flamingos in your lawn until a crew can pick them up later that afternoon.

2) Enjoy the looks of your neighbors.

If you would like to give now to the Alive Fundraiser by “targeting” someone or buying “insurance” just fill out this form and pay through Paypal. 

You can also give a one time financial gift, "target" someone or buy "insurance" on select Sundays in our lobby. Enjoy!

Fill out my online form.