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Deborah - Woman of Valor (January meeting review)


Sunday night was the first Women’s Ministry meeting of 2017. After a time of fellowship, we joined in worship led by some of the ladies of the worship team and one stray guy on the drums (Thanks, Michael). It was lovely, as always, to have the dance team as part of our worship time. Communion was particularly meaningful as we individually took time with the Lord before partaking of the elements.

Aron delivered a message entitled, “Deborah – Woman of Valor!” This is from the passages in Judges 4-5. Deborah is a judge, a bona fide leader of Israel. Aron took us through the scriptures and exhorted us regarding the need for women (and men) to lead in the church.

Deborah had a heart for the people and was multi-gifted. She had a calling on her life. She was in a position of authority. She was married – her husband is mentioned in the scriptures. This did not oppose the authority she was given.

Some things to consider from the sermon:

1. How does Deborah’s life provide a “fuller” picture of the calling of women?

2. Are our views of women in leadership too restrictive? (Aron stated that the only place in the scriptures where he sees women restricted from leadership is in the position of elder.) What are ways to both lead and use your gifts while respecting God’s order?

3. What leadership and spiritual gifts have others affirmed in you? How are you using them? How could you use them in the local church, community, home, workplace?

4. How do I get the gifts that God has given me back in play for his glory and the good of the church?

5. Gifting seems to be expressed differently in different seasons of life. When should gifts come off of the shelf?

There was a time of ministry at the end of the evening. We were encouraged about the gifts that we have in the storehouse (waiting and preparation time). We were also encouraged with the word valor for the battles of purity (heart issues), peace, and perseverance that we are in right now.

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Yes, Leslie. The message was recorded. Thanks for your encouraging comment.

Thank you for this summary, Bonnie. The application questions are so helpful. And I especially appreciate the reminder that we are in battles of "purity, peace, and perseverance." I'm going to research the word "valor" and think on that for a while. Any chance Aron's message was recorded?

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