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Valentine’s Day is so much more than just a day to celebrate love. It’s also time to cut back roses. Nothing says love like taking pruning shearers to a rose bush, getting them back in shape and removing all the little shoots that will suck the life out of the better stems and detract from the beauty of the bush.

Most February 15s, I start to think about those lovely roses of mine. I want to do right by them, but it really bothers me to cut them back when they are in bloom. The problem is, if you can call this a problem, they are always in bloom. I am specifically talking about knockout roses. They are so trouble-free that you really don’t have to prune them to get new blooms, and they bloom all the time.


But after a while, they do get leggy and some of the blooms end up on the ground. From a distance, they look fine; but when you get up close it’s clear that they need some attention. Just like me. From a distance, you can’t really get to know me, but once you are up close and personal, you will likely see some areas that need attention – pruning, if you will. You will also observe small intricacies that can’t be seen from a distance, like the petals of a rose.


Today I decided not to think about it and grabbed my shearers. I was kind of ruthless. I tried not to think of myself as a flower murderer but a flower resuscitator. After a few cuts, I kept looking at the flowers on the ground and knew I had to save a few so I got a vase and now I’m enjoying them inside the house.


The funny thing is, the roses never complain. In fact, they will reward me with more roses in a matter of a few weeks and never mention the pain that I put them through. What happy, grateful plants they are! I want to be like a rose.

How close do you let people get to you?

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