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Random Acts of Prayer

driving along.JPGYesterday while I was heading across town, not using the highway, I felt prompted by God to keep the radio off and enjoy the silence. 

After a few minutes, He prompted me to pray for those I saw along the way, and I believe it’s a good encouragement for us all. The middle-age woman who pulled up next to me, the guys loading the garbage truck, a couple of joggers, and a young woman on a bicycle – there were more, but that’s all I remember now. But what I do remember is this scripture, which God brought to my mind:

Psalm 37:23 – The steps of a man are established by the Lord, and He delights in his way.

May I encourage you today to open your eyes and ears to those around you, those whom God has put in your path? Without a spoken word, you can have an impact on their lives, and the blessing comes back to you. I felt as if I were taking a drive with my Heavenly Father. The fellowship was sweet. At one point, I kept praying for things for one woman in particular that I have no way of knowing were pertinent or not, and that doesn’t matter.

We are often encouraged to tell people about Jesus, but let’s expand that a little. We don’t always have the opportunity to speak, but God knows the needs and we get to pray. What a privilege and a delight to be in communion with God like that about folks we will likely never meet.

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