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Shirley's Corner - Confessions Of A Bibliophile

Welcome to Shirley's Corner...a weekly post by Shirley Corbett. It is her desire to encourage women in all stages of life. Look for a new post each Friday and be blessed. Now grab your seat at the table and listen in...


It's true...I am a Bibliophile. It started with a copy of "The Three Little Pigs" when I was three and for the next seventy six years I have been addicted. We Bibliophiles treasure our books...can't live without our books. When we downsized to our 650 square foot apartment a few years ago, I managed to find room for about 200 of my "favorite" books. Everyone of them on display so I can reach them day or night, none packed away in cartons or hidden away. My books are living, breathing companions on my journey here on earth.

For over thirty years, I have started my year with the same book and 2015 will be no exception.

On a train in 1948, as he traveled to a preaching engagement, A. W. Tozer wrote in one day a book entitled, "The Pursuit of God". By the time I discovered the book, Aiden Wilson Tozer had departed this earth and was gazing at the face of Jesus. However, this book ignited a hunger in me for intimacy with the Godhead that will never be satisfied until I, too, find myself looking at that same face. No book, other than the Bible, has ever stirred my heart, year after year, as this small volume does.

Rather than devouring it's ten short chapters in one day, I prefer to read one chapter each morning and chew on it the rest of the day. The words never change, but because I change each year, this book hits me in a different place each time I open it, and the Holy Spirit uses it to probe the depths of my soul.

How very pleased I was to find the following announcement in our church bulletin:

Beginning Monday, January 12 through March 9, 7:00 p. m.// At Metro Life Church// The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer//Download free book at
Contact Peggy Ballinger at or 407-256-5630

I realize that you might read this book and respond, "It didn't affect me the way it did Shirley".

That's fine. Ask God to direct you to the books that will affect you and awaken a deep hunger for Him...books that will change your perspective...books that will give you the encouragement you need for 2015.

Who knows? You may even become a Bibliophile..."a lover of books," like me.

With love from my chair at the Harvest Table,


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