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Let's Talk About Fruit

As I was eating fruit for breakfast this morning, I heard the Lord say, "Let's talk about the "fruit of the Spirit" that Paul wrote about in Galatians 5".

I learned the nine fruits of the Spirit in Vacation Bible School many long years ago...or did I? Maybe I just learned the NAMES of the fruits, because here we are again and He wants to discuss them with me. So, I have turned to the scriptures in Galatians 5:22-26 for my lesson this morning. I thought we would probably start with LOVE since that is the first fruit mentioned and after all LOVE is the foundation for everything. But, He had something else on His mind, and I quickly remembered His ways are not my ways. He directed me to the bottom of the list where SELF-CONTROL began flashing like a neon sign.

"Lord, I don't like the idea of Self-Control. I have been trying to die to self and put You in control--I want You to control me."

" ...and I want you to exorcise the Self-Control that I have placed in you. I live with you day in and day out and in order to accomplish the purposes I have for you, I have placed in you all My fruit...all nine virtues that make up Who I Am...and at this particular season you need to both eat the fruit and reproduce some Self-Control in certain areas of your life."

"Are we talking about the " food issue"?

"Yes... You asked Me to change your heart about food and I Am doing just that. However, you are not whole heartedly taking this as seriously as you should. I cause you to know what you shouldn't put in your mouth, and you come back with, "Just a taste."...and a taste leads to wanting more because it tastes so good. I want cooperation from you. I want to see you use Self-Control and turn your back on the things that harm your body. Those foods that destroy the very body I created...yet, you choose to make these enemies your delight. You possess within you Self-Control--use it.



"Be careful with your words. Speak slowly and quietly. Just because I have allowed you to live for nearly eighty years, you are not an expert on every subject. You cannot listen and talk at the same time. I have placed a lot of wisdom in you as we have walked together, but it doesn't have to be poured out everywhere you go. There is a time to speak and a time to listen. Use your Self-Control and quietly discern what is occurring around you and be the last to speak and not the first.

"Use your Self-Control to focus on what is immediately before you. Live in today. It is My gift to you to create--so enjoy, and My plans for each day are for your well-being. Don't classify any day as "ordinary". Use your Self-Control to capture vain imaginations as they try to distract you from the life you are living this very moment. I have your hand and I will lead you each day exactly according to my good pleasure. Don't let go and try to run is impossible to live tomorrow today...Use your Self-Control to take care of the things of today...don't let the enemy of your soul steal today from you. Again and again bring yourself back to accomplishing good things today. When you wake up tomorrow, it will be today once again. Learn to use your Self-Control in order not to get ahead of yourself or Me.

"I love you, Child of Mine. You are precious to Me and as I continue to conform you to the image of Jesus, to present you faultless to Him, I will continue to chasten you and challenge you in the areas you still need to perfect. Pay attention and obey, and together we shall produce much fruit for the Kingdom."

"Thank You seems inadequate, but it is all I am able to utter. Thank You for loving me."

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