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Years and years ago, I used to watch a television program called "Mission Impossible" starring Peter Graves. The program always started the same way each week. An audio disc would mysteriously appear in an unusual place, and we viewers would hear a voice giving instructions for what urgent assignment needed to be carried out as Peter Graves listened. However, the recipient of the tape had the option of receiving or passing on the assigned mission. Of course he always accepted the challenge...otherwise, there would have been no episode that week...It was exciting and dangerous, and of course "impossible"...But we viewers could enjoy the vicarious thrill from our seats while we snacked and waited for the inevitable victory...after all it wasn't real.

I have been thinking about the authentic wars happening before our very eyes on every front here on planet Earth....About a real enemy who constantly seeks to kill, steal and destroy. He never sleeps. He sows confusion, unforgiveness, deception, envy, hatred and every vile thing imaginable. Always seeking someone or something to destroy....while we watch and snack and talk about how terrible life has become...worse that we ever could have forseen. Somehow, it doesn't seem real...or it seems overwhelming and unstoppable.."impossible".

However, some have heard an unseen Voice offering them an opportunity to wade into the biggest battle ever waged on this planet and they have accepted the assignments offered them. You will find them...

  • fighting for the lives of unborn babies at the abortion clinics.
  • feeding the hungry and clothing the poor.
  • rescuing women and children from sex trafficking.
  • getting petitions signed to change ungodly laws.
  • visiting colleges and schools speaking truth even though it will cost their businesses and make them targets in the community.
  • using their vacation time and paying for materials out of their own pockets in order to build homes for the homeless.
  • leaving the comforts of home and taking the gospel half way around the world.
  • giving their time mentoring, discipling others who are weaker in the things of God.

They are cursed, reviled, slandered, mocked, laughed at, hated, threatened and spit upon, yet on they go, because they have heard a Voice behind them saying, "This is the way, walk ye in it". They have accepted their assignments with joy and refuse to be dissuaded. Though not always comfortable, not always courageous, they are, nevertheless, committed.

When Jesus walked this earth, He extended the invitation to many to follow Him, but making excuses, they declined. It is always easier to excuse ourselves and just become spectators..."I'm too busy...I have family to care for...I'm not good at talking to people...I'm too young...I'm too old...I'm too afraid..."

In his book Not a Fan Kyle Idleman differentiates between "fans" and "followers". Fans talk a good fight but followers get in the game; Fans never practice until they are exhausted, never take a hit on the field, but they also never know the thrill of a completed pass or running for a touchdown. They never share in the fellowship or enjoy the glory of being on the team. They sit in the bleachers where they watch the action and snack.

In any army, everyone has a job to do...everyone learns discipline...everyone is trained and everyone is loyal to their Superior. Jesus knows how to make raw recruits into overcomers ...He knows what purposes you were created for and where you will fit best in the grand scheme He is bringing to pass at this period in history. All He asks from you is commitment. Are you ready to carry out your assignment here in the earth? After all, nothing is "impossible" for the Creator of the universe, and since He dwells in you all your missions are possible!

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With love from my chair at the Harvest Table,

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