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My husband and I don't always see things alike.

One of the areas we see differently is beggars who panhandle while we are stopped at traffic lights. Maybe I do contribute to people who are scamming me. Maybe they don't use the money they receive for food. In the few minutes I have contact with them, I can't have a question and answer session in order to determine if they are worthy of my few dollars. At any rate, with Jerry's permission, I have determined to give to those who ask just because I want to.

A few weeks ago, we went for one of our rides to nowhere in particular. Just needed to get out of our apartment and take in the scenery. It 's hard to find country roads in Winter Park, so we usually head for Osceola or Lake counties. After a few hours of being chauffeured around by the most obliging husband anyone could ask for, we started home and ended up in a double line of traffic at the corner of the Orange Blossom Trail and Colonial Drive--not the greatest area to be sightseeing. We were in the inside lane when I saw him; He had long matted hair and was only wearing a pair of cutoff jeans and flip flops.

We were about five or six cars back and I watched him moving back and forth from car to car. No one rolled their windows down or even acknowledged his presence, even though they had to be aware of him as he tapped on their windows. I looked over at Jerry and told him I was going to give this pitiful creature something. I reached for my purse, rolled the window down and there he was. I usually don't make eye contact with strange men, but as I handed him a few dollars, he caught my hand and kissed it. I was so shocked I looked up into piercing, brown eyes that murmured, "thanks".

Several times that evening I thought about this unusual encounter and prayed for him.

When I woke up the next morning, before I got out of bed, I was saying my usual good morning to my Lord, and I heard Him say, "I kissed your hand yesterday afternoon." For a few minutes, it took my breath away as I replayed the traffic stop scene in my mind. Surely, that wasn't You, Lord, and I was reminded of the paltry amount of money I had handed to the man. "It had nothing to do with the money, Shirley. You acknowledged my creation and you treated him with care. You paid attention to him, if only for a minute or two."

"In as much as you have done it unto one of the least of these, you have done it unto Me."

I will long remember, Lord, that as I touch others, You touch me.

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With love from my chair at the Harvest Table,


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Oh!!! I just got a cold chill and goose-bumps. That story speaks to me. I will now take up my mat and walk in your shoes.
Thank You for sharing

Seems I'm always thanking you for your posts, well here I am again. ..Thank you! I used to go through all that "will they use it for what they need, not alcohol, etc., and the Lord finally got through to me that when I give, it is no longer mine and I have nothing to say about it's use! Now I do it with a heart toward Him and let it freeing! Now that I've read your post, I'll stretch out my hand (if only in my mind ) for that kiss. Hugs

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