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One of the ladies at our "Tea On Tuesday" asked the following question, "How do you handle trials?" It made for an interesting conversation.

First, we determined that "trials" covered a broad spectrum, so we narrowed it down to two categories....relational trials and circumstantial trials. If you are alive you have experienced trials Jesus warned us that in this life we would have tribulation, but then comforted us by assuring us He had overcome the world. I love having a Leader Who has all the answers, and I love playing "Follow The Leader".

In our discussion regarding relational trials we decided that many times our emotions take over and our words spoken in haste get us in a whole lot of trouble. That's what a "reaction"'s saying or doing the first thing that comes to your mind with no thought to the consequences of your actions. Many years ago our Lord said to me that I was not allowed to accuse...Satan is the accuser of the brethren and I was to steer clear of his methods. However, I am allowed to question until I feel I have discovered the truth. I can ask all the "W" questions like Why, Where, Who, What in order to uncover the root of this relational trial. Always, we are to pursue truth and reconciliation.

Our goal should be to show mercy and extend forgiveness whenever possible. In his book "Bait of Satan", John Bevere warns of taking on offenses and grudges because in the end they will steal your joy and wreck your life.

Bitterness is a deadly poison to your soul.

In regard to circumstantial trials, we must first determine whether their author is God or our enemy. We seek the Holy Spirit in earnest discernment to discover the roots of this trial. Have we been foolish or disobedient? Have we brought this trial on ourselves by " doing our own thing" instead of seeking Godly Wisdom at the beginning instead of the end? If so, repent, throw yourself on the mercy of the One Who loved you enough to die for you. He knows the way out of this fact, He is the WAY!

If the Lord has brought you into this circumstance in order to teach you something, then embrace it and learn everything He wants to teach you so you won't have to repeat this particular experience again. If He led you in, He will surely lead you out. Don't let go of His hand and for goodness sake pay attention to the Teacher!

If the Lord shows you this is an attack of the enemy, put on your armor as Paul wrote to the Ephesians and let out a battle cry. Your Commander-In-Chief, Who has already defeated this enemy will give you the strategy to take back everything and every place this interloper has dared to invade. Fight him with all your strength until he concedes the victory. Remember, you don't have to put up with him for you are a much loved child of Almighty God and He has given you the authority to overcome the enemy with His blood in His Name and according to His Word!

These decisions are ours--shall we react or respond? We will need to cultivate self-control and the rest of the "fruits of the Spirit" in order to successfully deal with the inevitable trials that are a part of every life.

Recommended Reading
"The Three Battlegrounds"
Francis Frangipane

With love from my chair at the Harvest Table,


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