Given a recent increase in infection rates throughout Seminole County, we have suspended all in-person worship and ministry gatherings until further notice. 

Likewise, our church office will be open by appointment only. 

Current Series

The History of the Church: Diving Deeper Into Our Faith


From Tabernacle to Temple


Have you visited places that have left you awe-struck, or a place you’ve read about and admired and then you finally got to see it in real life? Now think back.  How many of those places were enriched by the company you were with, or, it would have been better enjoyed with others?

Do you have those experiences?  You’ve been somewhere significant, you’ve seen some famous landmark, but for whatever the reason you found yourself experiencing it alone, and it wasn’t quite the same?  Did you have that, “I wish so and so were here” moment?  So, we understand that the significance of a place is not merely or even primarily physical; it’s relational.  It’s communal.  It’s presence.  We all may have that place we like to get lost in by ourselves.  We all know the benefit of some “alone” time, but usually what makes a place significant and lasting in our memory is who we were with.

That makes sense when you consider our DNA.  We are going to take the month of January to journey through Scripture to visit the “places” that have held significance for the people of God, the places where God has “tabernacles (meets)” with his people.  And just like those places we have been the significance of a place is not merely the physical structure.  No!  The significance is in presence. 

We will explore the significant places of presence in Scripture, and why that matters.  Beginning in the Garden, with the Ark and the Tabernacle, to the time of Solomon’s temple, and now, the temple of God in the New Testament, the church (people, not structures), we stir ourselves up by way of reminder as to why this is significant. 

We rightly emphasize the unique and personal role the Holy Spirit occupies in the life of individual believers, but God’s intention is not that we have one without the other, because in reality, the fulness of the Spirit’s presence and promises to us are experienced in the community of the church. 

As we approach 35 years as a local church, we do not want to merely look back on what God has done.  We want to look forward with expectancy of what God can and will do through this local church, a people devoted to Him and one another, a people fervent for love and good works.  We want expectation that all that is possible for our future is magnified and multiplied in community, with a body, in a house where every room, every wall, every pipe and fixture is important and contributes to the whole, for the good of the house.  In other words, everything is enriched, more colorful, more vibrant, just better with the presence of God and one another than it ever could be on our own.  So, let’s get stirred up through Scripture’s story of God’s desire to be present with his people. 

Series by Week

1: Intro: God’s Garden Temple - Gen 3:8

2: The Ark & the Tabernacle - Zech 2:10 (people’s response - ex 35:21 offerings)

3: Solomon’s Temple - 1 Kings 8:13 (1 Chronicles 29 offerings)

4: The Temple of God in the NT - 1 Corinthians 3:16 (living sacrifices used for His Glory - Fruit and Gifts of HS transition and connection)

5: Eden: God dwelling with us, His creation

6: Tabernacle: bringing their goods in response to the call

7: Temple: Craftsmen give their very best to reflect God’s Glory

8: Church: Gifts at work through the people, body-ministry, Royal Priesthood, now we are living sacrifices