This is my story...

Testimonies remind us of the life-altering power of our faith in Jesus. These accounts are shared aloud in the gathered church, community group, or online thrugh video. Giving us a glimpse of the transformative power of encountering God, his word, and his church.

Through regular sharing of our experiences, we can encourage and inspire others.

Encounters with God

Encounters with God are powerful experiences that shape and define our faith. These may include God's leading us through the Word, healing, answered prayer, increased awareness of the presence of the Lord in life's circumstances, etc.

Sharing these experiences with others can provide encouragement and inspiration, helping to strengthen our faith and build our local community.



Baptism is a significant moment in the lives of a follower of Jesus, marking the moment of publicly declaring individual faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to following Him. We believe in the power of testimony and the importance of sharing our salvation stories with others. 

These videos offer a glimpse into the lives of our church members and the impact that their faith has had on their lives. They are a testament to the power of God's love and we hope they will encourage you today. 



We are a church of community groups, not simply a church with community groups. The difference? Groups are central to our mission as a church, increasing the ways we experience the Holy Spirit's power to love, grow and share.

We believe that testimonies from our community group members can be helpful for others looking to connect and grow in their faith.

These videos offer a glimpse into the real-life experiences of our church members and the impact that being a part of a community group has had on their lives.


Annual Recap 

We love reflecting on the past year and celebrating the impact that God has had on our lives and community. These videos offer a glimpse into the events, gatherings, and initiatives that took place over the past year and highlight them as a way for us to recall God's Faithfulness.

Whether you're a longtime member or just visiting, we hope you join us in celebrating all that God has done in and through our church.